Sweet dreams with wool

Australian Merino wool for your baby or young child is the natural choice. To ensure a good night’s sleep for both mothers and babies, studies have revealed a correlation between wool and quality sleep patterns.

A three-year study on Merino wool and its benefits builds on decades of research and points to the positive role of wool bedding and sleepwear in ensuring better sleep outcomes.

The study, conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia, and funded by The Woolmark Company, explored the impact of wool bedding and sleepwear on sleep quality and quantity in adults. The three-year study measured total sleep time and sleep efficiency - the portion of time spent asleep compared to the total time in bed - across 17 participants, and found that wool bedding and wool sleepwear are beneficial to a good night’s sleep.

The key findings have been that:

• For the first time, Merino wool sleepwear has been evaluated in terms of sleep quality and quantity, and shown to lead to improvements in total sleep time and sleep efficiency.

• Sleeping both under wool bedding and in wool sleepwear lead to increased sleep efficiency.

These benefits are likely to reflect wool’s inherent ability to actively manage temperature and humidity, keeping the sleeper in the ‘sleep comfort zone’ for longer.

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